KGL Online Practice Tests 


Please read carefully before downloading the test

Click on your level and download the test to your computer. 

Download times may vary depending on your internet connection.

Click on the downloaded icon. Read the instructions for the test and click Start test.

Stage 2 contains Listening and Writing.

To start the listening click on Start Listening. There are pauses built into the listening.  Each part is heard twice.

At the end of the listening test, you will hear ‘This is the end of the listening Test’.  Click next to continue.

You cannot exit the test until you have answered all questions.

The writing task in the practice test is for practice purposes and does not provide a score for the writing section.

To finish the test click Complete test.

You can now check your work again or Exit the test

When you exit the test the number of correct answers appears on the screen. 

You can go back and review your answers.


The Practice Test are not available during the live administration of the tests.