PT A1 Senior Practice Test Stage 2

KGL Contest in English


A1 Senior     

Listening, Reading and Writing               


Time:          1 hour 15minutes


Read each part carefully.

To answer a question click on the answer. To change your answer click on another answer.

To go to the next part click Next. To go back click Back.

You can go back to check you work until the end of the test.



There are two parts to the test. Each part is heard twice.  There is a pause for you to read the questions at the start of each part.  There is a pause for you to check your work at the end of part two.  When you hear THIS IS THE END OF THE LISTENING TEST you can then move on to the next part.



Click in the blank page on the right side of the screen and type your answer.  You can delete and retype any part of your answer.

There is a word count at the bottom of the screen.

The writing task in the practice test is for practice purposes and does not provide a score for the writing section


Clicking on Exit ends the test.

You must answer all questions.

To start the test click on the button below.